Welcome to Exhibit Q!

This podcast began with a pair of nerds growing up together, mostly in the 90's, talking about everything from Star Wars to comics to The Waltons tv show. My cousin, Sooper, and I were friends from the beginning of my life, but we didn't live near each other until my latter elementary years. And we didn't start bonding over all things geek until my teens. But from that point on, we have always gotten along like a brother and sister. 

As young adults we encouraged each others' creativity -- writing, music, whatever struck our fancy at the time. We also played role playing games, particularly that beloved goth gateway drug, Vampire: The Masquerade, through which we both met our spouses. We decided to work on this project about a year ago and now you get to hear the results. Exhibit Q is a reference from the movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure when Pee Wee is introducing the evidence about his stolen bike and the camera cuts to him presenting "Exhibit Q!" ... Later I used that name for a fictional band in an angsty novella I wrote in my teens, which is also where the name Sooper came from. (Spoilers!) But anyway, Sooper started referring to our project as Exhibit Q, and the name stuck. 

We hope you enjoy our nerdy offerings and find them entertaining. If you do, or if you have comments, questions, or constructive criticism, email us at exhibitqpodcast (at) gmail.com.

Roxy, out!

"Fuck you, Judas."

Study for "The Judas Kiss," Gustave Doré (1865) via http://art.thewalters.org

Study for "The Judas Kiss," Gustave Doré (1865) via http://art.thewalters.org