Cult Movie Review: Jaws & Real Life Mutants: The Spleen (ep.3)

Cult Movie Review: Jaws (1975) & the USS Indianapolis 

(New segment) Real Life Mutants: The Spleen! 





Recorded: 5/12/2018

Favorite quote: "Don't put his glasses in your mouth, gross!" (Sooper)

This episode is our first so-called cult movie review. We will try to divide our shows between new releases and great, older films. With the summer blockbusters coming out, we will probably do more new releases than old, but this fall we plan on doing a lot more older films, so it will all come out in the wash.  We really went accidentally nautical in this episode. Woot!

Washington Post, USS Indianapolis (2017 article)

Here's the link to the National Geographic article we discuss:

-Roxy, out! 

“Morning in Beppu,” Kawase Hasui, 1928,

“Morning in Beppu,” Kawase Hasui, 1928,